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Vapefly Optima Coil 1pc/5pcs

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Vapefly Optima Coil 1pc/5pcs

The Vapefly Optima Coil is available in FreeCore Meshed Coil and RMC Coil (Rebuildable Mesh Coil)

The Vapefly Optima Coil is designed for Vapefly Optima Kit.

The Vapefly Optima FreeCore Coil is a meshed coil with optional 0.3ohm and 0.8ohm resistance. The RMC Coil (rebuildable mesh coil) is perfectly for DIY fans. The RMC Coil is a cost-saving spare part.

Just replace the mesh so the users will re-use the coil about 10 times.

Please select a suitable cartridge (Normal Cartridge & RMC Cartridge)to install the respective coils.


FreeCore Mesh Coil: 5pcs/pack; 210packs/carton
RMC Coil: 1pc/pack; 600pcs/carton
FreeCore Resistance: 0.3ohm/0.6ohm


1 x Vapefly Optima Coil 1pc - RMC Coil: 1pc/pack

1 x Vapefly Optima Coil 5 pc/pack


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