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Secret Bunker Vapour - Clouded Visions 60ml

Secret Bunker Vapour - Clouded Visions 60ml

In this, all-new range of e-liquids from Clouded Visions comes 4 new varieties of flavours. All their e-liquids are 60ml ready-to-vape mixes and are Australian made with all-natural ingredients.

Monstar Bee:

Sick of feeling “normal”? Well, this will get you transformed into a wild Monster! Syrupy green apple soda is transformed with a young watermelon but held together with a hint of Taurine.

Mum Bee:

A motherly mix of unique berries and fruits to help wind up your day. Starting with a balanced serving of Pomegranate and Cherry to then smooth things out with smooth tones of Acai. As always Taurine hints come through to give you that true motherly infused package. We asked our Mother for this yummy recipe.

Red Bee:

The solution to red bull raging energy drink addicts! The sticky gooey richness and sweetness of JUST like the real drink.

Rock Bee:

Want to feel like a Rock Star doing a concert on the tropical beach? Well, get your big serving of sticky Guava ready that gets drizzled with a hint of watery Pear. You will be running amuck in no time. But don’t panic, we didn’t leave out the famous Taurine hints with this mix so ROCK ON!

Specifications and Features:

  • 100% Australian Made
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients
  • VG / PG: 60 / 40

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Secret Bunker Vapour 60ml E-Liquid - Clouded Visions ( Your Choice Of Flavour)

This is a genuine Clouded Visions product.