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Light Side Dark Side - Creation 60ml

Light Side Dark Side - Creation 60ml

Welcome to the LSDS - Light Side - Dark Side e-liquid range. Each side has 3 amazing varieties of "Ready To Vape" 60ml e-liquids that are mixed at a 70/30 VG/PG and are Australian Made.

We are not just another AustralianE-Liquid brand.

Try our premiume-juice and see why!

We are extremely passionate about achieving the best flavour experience possible on each puff, that is why we focus on making a true flavour experience.

Light Side 60ml E-Liquids - 3 Varieties

  • Creation - This flavour is reminiscent of sweet oranges and ripe pineapple washed down with fizzy lemonade.

    • Honour - Honour is a tribute to both forms of this fruit’s servitude to man. Honour is a rich and exciting grape with a subtle fizziness that will leave you praying for more.

      • Purity -Purity is delectable hints of fresh Apricot combined with ripe mango on a bed of subtly sweet cream.

      Dark Side 60ml E-Liquids - 3 Varieties

      • Corruption - Surrender yourself to the "Corruption" blend of Dark ripe Blackberries smashed together with a rich buttermilk Ice cream and a cooling hint is solely intent on deviating your senses, with the corruption of your diet, allowing you to release yourself to the intentions of your inner demon.

      • Desire - This Hazelnut Ice cream with hints of chocolate and rich caramel will have you daydreaming of every new drop. Are you guilty of sneaking a few too many after-dinner treats? Put the chocolates down and get into this fine flavour instead!

      • Destruction - This rich lemon cake, with hints of custard and cream, will have you ready to demand more “Destruction”. Destruction of any rules related to restrictions!


      • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
      • Size: 60ml
      • Ready To Vape E-Liquid
      • Made In Australia

        Package Contents:
        • 1 x LSDS Light Side or Dark Side 60ml E-Liquid (Your Choice)

        This is a genuine LSDS product.