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Kahuna NON ICE 60ml Range

Kahuna NON ICE 60ml Range

Kahuna NON-ICE 60ml Range allows you to now enjoy a juicy freshness flavour without the cool kick like other "ICE" e-liquids. This fresh new line of e-liquids is also filled with the most amazing fruit combinations ever that will let you craving for more. Each 60ml bottle is RTV ( Ready-To-Vape ) mixed at a VG / PG ratio of 70 / 30 so all you need to do is give it a good shake and it's ready to go!!!


This is your punchy citrusy Pineapple Lemonade. The sweetness is kept at a perfect level to maintain a consistent enjoyment. It has a flavour layer of Pineapple as the front notes with an effervescent Lemonade base.


  • Cloud Nine:

    This is a Mango Lychee set with a cool hit to keep things fresh. It has a flavour layer of Lychee as the base notes with a Mango overtone.

    • Manu Bay:

      This is a phenomenal blend of Kiwi with banana and strawberry. It has a flavour layer of Kiwi which takes the top notes, along with strawberry mid notes pulling the reigns to the sharpness of the Kiwi. Finishing off with base notes of Banana bringing it all together.

      • Maveryck's:

        This is a delectable combination set of Orange and Blackcurrant. It has a flavour layer starting off with a front note hit of Sweet Oranges following by a base note of Blackcurrant.

        • Pipeline:

          This has an amazing combination of Watermelon, Apple and Blackcurrant. It has a flavour layer that starts with top notes of Watermelon and finishing with notes of Blackcurrant. In the middle bringing it all together is notes of Apple.

          • Superbank:

            This has a punchy and fresh combination of Pineapple and Lime. It has a flavour layer starting off with a mix of Pineapple and Lime in the tops notes, along with a refreshing cooling accentuating the lime. It has a gentle creamy base note the reigns in the sharp fruity profiles.


            • RTV ( Ready To Vape ) E-Liquids
            • Size: 60ml
            • VG / PG Ratio: 70 / 30
            • 6 Varieties Of Flavours
            • Origin: Australian Made

            Package Contents:

            • 1 x Kahuna Non-Ice 60ml E-Liquid ( YOUR CHOICE OF FLAVOUR )


            This is a genuine Kahuna product.