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Bogan Brews-The Duck's Nuts

Bogan Brews By...

 The Vaping Bogan

The Vaping Bogan is Australia's most popular and beloved vape reviewer, with over 60,000 YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers who love to tune in and watch his inimitable bogan style. 
Now, after more than six months of cogitation and experimentation, his signature collection is finally here - Bogan Brews. Comprising three unique, defining flavours, Bogan Brews is sure to be this summer's knock-out eliquid range.

Bogan Brews - The Duck's Nuts

The Duck's Nuts: to be the highest quality in a certain category of items; "This show is The Duck's Nuts!"

And it really is! Duck's is a cherry jam-filled doughnut, bursting with sweetness and topped off with savoury doughnut fresh-baked from the oven.

If you're a fan of Red vs Blue (just like the Bogan), you'll absolutely love this. Paired well with a classic, low smokiness Stout!

It's The Duck's Nut

  • 60ml provided in a chubby PET bottle.