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Blue Razz Maskking Disposable Vape Stick

Blue Razz Maskking Disposable Vape Stick

Introducing The New 0% Nicotine Vape, Maskking Vape Stick At Vapeyou

Get The E-cigarette With

State Of The Art Features

Are You Ready For The Next Level In Disposable E-cigarettes?
Disposable E-Cigs are on-trend right now, and the convenience of Ready To Vape devices appeals to many people for a variety of great reasons. With their great understanding of the attributes that go into a fantastic E-cigarette, Maskking presents the all-new 1200 puff disposable range.

Maskking has found a delicate balance between cost-effectiveness and quality and No sacrifices have been made regarding the quality of this disposable whatsoever.
The best and maybe most noticeable (not to mention most enjoyable) quality you will immediately discover upon the first use is just how full-bodied and true the flavours are- and most importantly continue to be the entire life of the E-cig.

With an average of a minimum of 1200 puffs in a single device, the cost per puff is extremely LOW & taste and satisfaction are very HIGH as they should be!

Get your 0% Nicotine Vape, Maskking Vape Stick at Vapeyou
Please note- All sales are final. 0% Nicotine Vape, Maskking Vape Stick at Vapeyou Packs cannot be returned due to health and safety reasons, and will not be refunded.

Big Flavours, and lots of them!

The Cobalt battery gives you all the power you need while being safer to use.

0% Nicotine Vape, Maskking Vape Stick at Vapeyou
Specifications are as follows:
Volume : 3.5ml
Battery: 650mAh
Resistances: 1.8 oHm
Voltage: 3.7V
Weight: 50g

Key Features Of Maskking Disposable That May Interest You...
Cigarette shaped pre-filled disposable pod system with slim body

Compact design and pocket-friendly size for easy carry

15 tasty e-juice flavours to bring excellent and true taste

650mAh built-in battery for a minimum of 1200 Puffs

A big 3.5ml pre-filled pod with a built-in coil

Your Package Will Contain:
1x Maskking Vape Stick
Other Notable Information:
Each 0% Nicotine Vape, Maskking Vape Stick at Vapeyou is sold as a Single Item.

Customary simple packaging from the factory is subject to change without notice.
Final Notes On The 0% Nicotine Vape, Maskking Vape Stick at Vapeyou-
  • It is a pre-filled disposable pod kit. The battery can not be charged and the pod can not be filled. Thanks for your attention. Puffs are worked out on an even average, this may vary depending on personal puffs.

This is a genuine Maskking product.