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Support Australian Vaping

Support Australian Vaping

Aussie Vape Stores Need Your Support Now!

Australian Vape Stores are asking for support right now as we fight to have the right to operate our businesses and have the right to Vape. 
We have had many restrictions over the last few years and the Vape Industry has suffered overall as a consequence, the latest forced closure of W.A Vape stores has made it clear that we are all soon to suffer the same fate if we do not take action. 
The explosion in underage Disposable Vape Abuse has become a massive issue in our country, we agree this is an issue- and we believe there are other actions which might be a better alternative than simply running people out of their businesses. 
The unregulated sales of disposable Vape products by stores other than an actual Vape store needs to be stopped. Under the counter sales at convinience marts, service stations and other small stores are directly threatening the future of our industry, at this rate Vape stores will almost certainly be forced to close and cease to exist, and you, the consumer will lose your right to even be able to Vape at all.
All Vape stores have very strict procedures and screening measures in place to detect and prevent underage vaping, and we would like to see this expanded more in the future. 
If your a Vaper, supporter of Vaping or even just basically a supporter of rights in general, please help us fight for our rights to Vape and our rights to operate our buinesses the same as everyone else.
Many small businesses are facing a very grim future if nothing is done soon and we need your help now.
Please follow this link and show the Australian Vape Community your support!