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Priming Your Coil



What is Coil Priming?

Simply filling your tank with your chosen E-liquid, waiting a few minutes then vaping is fine, but when your looking to ensure you don't get any "dry hits" (the unpleasant experience of burnt flavour and rough exhale) then priming is for you.

Priming a coil simply means allowing time for e-liquid to fully saturate the wicking material in your coil head. This will stop the wick from burning when you activate the battery. This is also known as a 'dry hit', which tastes pretty awful.

The process of priming is intended to prevent “dry hits” when you first install a new coil, and for this reason it's only really necessary when you're using a brand new coil.

Can you over-prime a coil?


You bet! 

An over primed coil will give off a gurgling sound (and feel) when you try to draw on your vape. As you can imagine this leaking and gurgling leads to spitting back. You'll be getting splashes and “spits” of your vape liquid when you're trying to use your vape.


Can you "revive" a burnt coil?

Unfortunately, if you didn't prime your atomizer / coil properly and your wicking material is burnt, there is no way to bring it back. That taste will stay until you change your atomizer head containing a new coil.


As you can see above, adding the liquid to the breathing holes in the sides of your coil will allow the cotton inside to aborb more liquid before you fill the tank, and essentially ensures that the coil will be entirely sturated before you start using it.

It;s also a good idea to add the liquid to the centre of the coil also for maximum protection. 


Priming your coils should be considered as a best practice, and another additional benefit is that coil will last longer when you do this.