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Dry Herb Atomiser

What Is An Atomiser?

"Atomizer" refers to any device that emits a liquid into a fine mist as a small spray bottle does. In this manner, it is similar in that it helps to vaporise the e-liquid so it can be inhaled by the user.

An atomizer is fixed inside a tank or clear-omiser, and it draws power via battery to a coil which in turn, causes the evaporation of the e-liquid inside the tank. The e-liquid is saturated into a material called "polyfill". The polyfill’s saturation level is determined by the absorbency of the wick which is submerged in the e-liquid itself.

How is A Dry Herb Atomiser different?

 “Dry-herb vaporizer tanks,” work differently from your standard atomiser's or vaporizers. For a start, they are only for what the name suggests- Dry herb. The "herb" often comes in direct contact with the heating element, which can get pretty hot, this can require some practical experience to successfully get the optimum temperature for your particular device.

Some Dry Herb Atomisers are complete all-in-one builds that include a battery designed specifically for that particular atomizer. They don’t require you to own a mod or know anything about adjusting the wattage (though clearly it probably goes without saying a basic understanding of "dry Herb" is required as is practical experience with "dry Herb" atomising however one has chosen to in the past!