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Drip tips at Vapeyou

Notable Information On Drip Tips/Caps

vape drip tips in 510 sizing's and 810 sizing's with tonnes of options for making your rig your own.

How to Customise Your Order for a Drip Tip Vape in Australia

Just because you can't create a 510 drip tip in Australia from scratch doesn't mean that you should have limited options. At Vapeyou, variety is essential to us. Here's what you can look forward to when shopping for new tips:

  • Choosing the size that will provide the vaping experience that you prefer that fits your current rig. Five hundred ten tips are an older, more narrow style that can have a tougher draw but provide more effective flavour concentration. The 810s are more common and have a wider opening. If you aren't sure what you need, ask—we're happy to help.
  • You are finding a colour option that suits your current vape's styling. We stock various options, from pastel colours to the glossy rainbow metal of our big 810s. Colour is your chance to express yourself through your drip tip choice.
  • Try adding a new flavour or custom liquid option from Vapeyou to test out your new tip. What better way to practice than with an exciting, unique flavour that you haven't tried before?
  • Customer service. We're just as passionate about vaping as our customers, so we want to extend our complete understanding and support to you. When you have questions, we'll always provide the answers.
  • After-sales support to ensure that you can continue to enjoy each product even if you encounter concerns. Not sure why you can't get a good draw or why your drip tips keep leaking? Let us help you determine the underlying how to make the most of your investment in our products.
  • You are guaranteed genuine products. There are many copycats in the world of vaping, a fact that can make shopping online a painful experience—how can you trust what you'll receive? We are diligent in our supply acquisitions and ensure that you're only receiving authentic goods.
  • E-liquids in practically every flavour that you can imagine. What's a vape without the liquid to match? Whether you love fruity flavours, recreating the taste of your favourite candies, or any of the other options out there, Vapeyou makes it easy to find the flavours that you crave. Don't see what you want right away? Ask us about customising e-liquid for your order.
  • Dry herb and concentrate vaporisers. Do you prefer vaping materials of a different kind? We have several easy-to-operate dry herb vaporisers available that are discreet and relatively maintenance-free. Vaporising is a highly efficient way of using dry herb—explore your options with our help.
  • Coils, tanks, tools, cases, and more. Vapeyou makes it easy to build out a kit filled with everything that you need for the ultimate vaping experience, from consumables to accessories and beyond. Upgrade your rig, find an easy way to keep it safe in transit, and much more, all in the same spot that you trust to supply a new drip tip.

When you can buy everything that you need in one place online, why look anywhere else? Check out our selection now, orhit us up online with your questions.

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There is NO WARRANTY on this product, but we do guarantee the quality of products sold by Us.

If you have a problem with any product, please contact us at info@vapeyou.com.au