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How to Select the Right Coil for Your Vaping Needs

Ohms Matter

Typically, coils come in standard ohms, low ohms and sub-ohm ohms. Each of these three coils comes with its own unique benefits.

Standard ohm coils have a resistance level that's anywhere from 2 to 2.8 ohms. These coils don't produce as much heat, resulting in less vapour overall. However, many find that these coils provide a satisfying throat hit and a cooler vapour temperature. These coils are also great for anyone who doesn't want their battery or vape juice level to drain too quickly.

Low ohm coils have a resistance level between 1 and 1.9 ohms. These coils give you a slightly warmer vapour that many find to be pleasant. One problem with these coils is that they drain the battery quickly and can produce dry hits.

Sub-ohm coils are easily the most popular coils for anyone who uses box mod devices. With a resistance level below 1 ohm, they produce a lot of heat, guaranteeing a huge amount of vapour from thee-juicebeing vaporized. Vapers who chase clouds use sub-ohm coils.

Know Your Wattage Settings

If you prefer vaping at a high wattage level, a low ohm coil is a way to go. You'll enjoy the fuller flavour and larger vape clouds because of the surface area of low ohm coils.

If you prefer a low wattage level, you'll want to use a coil that has a higher resistance level. Coils that have a higher resistance level heat up more quickly, meaning that they can burn out if the wattage of your device is set too high.

Know Your Device

Generally, the device that you use determines the type of coil that you require. Often, these unit kits come with coils that are specially created for your tank. If you use a device that's best for high output levels, the coil will have a low resistance level. If you're using a low wattage one, the coil will have a high resistance level.

How to Keep Your Coils from Burning Out

Today, you can easily figure out the proper output settings for your coil by reading the manufacturer's recommendation. Most packs of coils come with the ideal wattage range. By sticking within the recommended range, your coils won't burn out prematurely.

When it comes to selecting the right coil for your vaping needs, follow this guide and you'll be good to go.

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