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June 01, 2022 3 min read

There’s a lot of B-S going around about e-cigs..

Let’s be real- e-cigarettes more often than not cop the rough end of the stick when it comes to fact vs fiction...to prove my point let’s say you google “general misconceptions about vaping” the first five results are damning, and what is worse they are literally all saying something different! What’s worse is depending on the political links these sites have they tend to base their “facts” based on these connections rather than the actual straight up truth. I’m going to list a few of the more truthful facts about vaping based on the top “facts” I found getting about earlier today.
Misconception 1: E-cigarettes are bad for you, so you might as well keep smoking
Reality: Wrong. I mean really? Come on... While nicotine is addictive, research has cited its effects on the body to be marginal. As we’re sure you’re aware, the issue with tobacco cigarettes is the inclusion of all the additives, chemicals, and the smoke itself. The nicotine on the other hand, not so much. And MORE IMPORTANTLY- what about the e-cigs that don’t contain any nicotine at all? They don’t even so much as get a mention!
Misconception 2: E-cigarettes are hazardous because no one knows exactly what’s in them
Reality: Ok, if you don’t know what your buying where are you getting your products? If you shop at any reputable seller, like ourselves – then you get it in black and white. If you stray away from legitimate e-cigarette brands and sellers (the people who will openly disclose ingredients to you) then you’re stepping into the unknown and putting yourself & potentially those around you at risk.
Misconception 3: There are dangerous chemicals in e-cigarettes
Reality: This does depend on the brand you buy but again- the key here is shopping with an actual Vape store who knows exactly the type of great products they supply to their customers and don’t stock any products that are potentially harmful. Generallyno. Stick to brands and suppliers you can rely on and don’t be drawn into choosing the cheaper alternatives
Misconception 4: E-cigarettes can cause cancer
Reality: This is not proven nor a fact. More to the point, more and more studies are actually proving otherwise- which is a fact. Since E-Cigs contain no tobacco, then this means there will be no tar being left in your lungs and internal passageways, so how given the absence of tar and and other nasty chems found to actually cause cancers being left out can anyone sanely claim this!
Misconception 5: E-cigarettes will explode or cause you injury
Reality: Ok, like anything with moving parts and more importantly moving parts + heat + batteries there is a chance you can get hurt BUT and I do have stress this- nearly all e-cig related injuries can be traced back to user negligence, in other words not paying attention to simple basic science or commonsense. See my blog on Vape Safety if you need a refresher here. Anyone who pays attention to the basics of vape safety are not putting themselves at risk.
Misconception 6: E-cigarettes are a stepping stone to drugs
Reality: Wait – what? Are these people serious? I’d write a comeback but honestly I’m too busy laughing to… These examples I have highlighted are merely a scratch on the surface, the list to be honest goes on seemingly forever and some of the things you can read about e-cigs are literally just crazy- but simply ridiculous. Kind of makes me wonder though how they got their info in the first place! Do your research before you drop your coin on an unfamiliar product- check your labels and if you don’t have time to then ask the store – they will know and have no problems recommending a great product that is safe and worth the money yourspending on it, or explaining what the ingredients are if any of the are unfamiliar to you.
Lastly if you have stumbled across a vape fact gem then I want to know! Head to our store contact address it to Puffnstuff and fire away, I’ve got a prize for the winning fake-fact.
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