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June 01, 2022 4 min read

Breaking Bad

Now, I’m not pointing any fingers, but some of us are guilty of some bad habits! Whether your responsible for a raging toilet-seat debate in your house-hold or the one who’s currently still managing to get away with not wiping down the microwave after you’ve just let your corn chips and salsa wreak havoc in there, most of us at some point develop bad practices in some way- it is afterall in our nature!

(Some hilarious examples I found on google when searching "bad habits")

Just like everything else this also applies to Vaping…
Let’s take a look at some of the “Vaping Bad” habits you may (or may not) of found yourself doing at one time or another.

Not cleaning out your Tank.

Ok, this is pretty gross, you need to know. Residue builds up in our tanks over time and depending on the heaviness of your vaping style the faster this happens. Inevitably this will be the death of your tank, because the residue actually puts strain on the all the parts of your tank causing the heating element to overwork and this will of course lead to it not functioning at all. If your super lazy or too busy invest in a self cleaning tank (yep that’s a thing) so you don’t have to do it all the time.

Not buying a spare battery

Just imagine your out on town having a blast when, oh no, your battery is completely flat and no longer wants to play. Sorry but this is a rookie move guys…sometimes (or all of time) we are very busy, and it’s not possible to keep a fully charged battery because we simply are on the move or just plain forget. So avoid being a victim of your own crime and buy a spare battery or two- and keep them in their plastic case!

Not keeping your Vape gear in it’s own case.

So you go to to for a refill, stick you hand in your handbag and UGH…your bottle of liquid has leaked through the bottom of your bag and now covers literally everything in there. Don’t be silly! At some point this probably going to happen so don’t be lazy and get your gear in a case. It’s going to survive longer and minimise the chance of damage, so many people don’t realise how important this actually is!

The case of the dirty Coil

Using dirty coils is plain bad form! However, aside from the near unbearable taste this is going to spoil your new favourite flavour with, it’s causing damage to your tank. A filthy coil makes your tank work harder than it should and it will be death of it.

Trying to pull off a refill on the highway

This is dangerous for obvious reasons…(think mobile phone) you shouldn’t be trying to fill your device on the move or in the middle of a merge onto a freeway, seriously. Aside from the clear danger aspect of that scenario, you will more than likely spill your E-liquid everywhere (yes, even if you think your aim is better than Glenn McGrath. Don’t be a clown and fill up before you head off into the sunset or consider putting a few disposables in the glove box or console. (keeping them in their packaging or a case of course)

Leaving your Vape in your car

Repeat after me…Nooooo. This is a big no-no. Heat from being in the car or from being left in direct sunlight and the extreme temperature that the insides of cars can have on your vape is absolutely dangerous. Batteries in general do not like being over heated, this does cause them to malfunction or even actually explode which is the worst case scenario- but it can happen. If you have to leave your vape in your car for a period of time then keep it in a case and obviously out of direct sunlight ie- under the seat or in the glovebox.

Vape storage in the Car

We all have that favourite mod/pod that we are clocking the puffs on more than others and if your anything like me or heaps of other Vapers, you will be carting it around with you everywhere! Don’t be a fool and leave it at the mercy of the space under your stereo! I actually found some really cool ideas on how to organise your vape-space in the car (it goes without saying don’t ever store your vape where your kids or pets can have a crack at it though) These ideas go from ready-made solutions you can order online to other DIY solution made from bits of hard foams or pool noodle from the looks of another! Get creative and keep yourself safe! REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR VAPE AWAY WHEN YOU LEAVE THE CAR.

At some point or another we all develop bad habits- with vaping however they can lead to major catastrophe’s. It doesn’t have to end in disaster though, if you catch yourself or someone else pulling a shifty on safety – don’t ignore it! Correct the bad behaviour, at the very least it’s going to save you from shelling out your hard earned cash on replacing thrashed gear from poor care!